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 Nick Gordon  

Actor and Screenwriter 

Nick has spend many years honing his skills as a screenwriter, following professional guidance and teachings. His main interest is that of a military/based on true events genre, following a long and arduous military career,  however, during recent years, Nick has added other genres in to his mix of interests.

To see a brief outline of Nick's screenplays, simply hit the individual links below to open each page -

Military-themed Listings



4. The Vampire of Croglin Grange

TV Series

5. Dark Shadows

6. Lost in Time

7. Sons of War

8. Target


9. Ghosts of War

Screenplays in development

Optioned/Acquisitioned Work

a. Hunted - Kratos Global Productions

b. Jack of all Trades - Smith International Productions

c. Ghosts of War - Smith International Productions

d. The Few - Smith International Productions