Nick Gordon - Screenwriter 

A ‘Jack the Ripper’ style murder spree forces a disillusioned FBI Agent out of retirement to investigate before the killer strikes again...

When the wife of the FBI’s leading Forensic Scientist is murdered, MICHAEL STEWART quits his job and takes his teenage daughter back to London and to a life of solitary confinement.

When a mysterious caller suggests that the concluding report is far from the truth, Michael is lured into a world of false accusations and torment, as he is named prime suspect for a horrific copycat murder by the legendary JACK THE RIPPER.

Stewart is arrested and undergoes in-depth questioning by INSPECTOR CHARLES HORNER, Senior Investigation Officer for the case.

FBI Director, SPENCER MORGAN, arrives in London to back his old friend, but evidence is growing against Stewart. To honour the present cooperation between their two countries, the two officers compromise and Morgan returns to the United States to investigate a ‘payback’ theory.

When a further two victims are mutilated, Stewart is secretly released and brought onside to help catch the real killer.

The killer, calling himself JACK, makes contact and insists that Stewart take over the investigation.

A Police posse is assembled in an attempt to encumber the Ripper’s next murder.

But when Terrorists, claiming to be the REAL IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY, explode bombs on the other side of London in an attempt to destroy SINN FEIN’s current peace process, Police numbers are massively reduced.

Stewart must now investigate a possible connection between Jack and the Terrorists.

Time runs critically short as Jack announces his last victim.

Stewart must face his past life if he is to prevent the most gruesome of murders. Stretching his dormant skills through a period of historical conclusions and spanning the four corners of the United Kingdom, it is now or never!

As the conclusion to the mystery is finally revealed, Michael must face Jack in a final showdown.