Nick Gordon - Screenwriter 

Occupied France, 1940 – A small team of inexperienced British soldiers make a desperate bid to reach Dunkirk when they become plagued by the dead.  

May 1940

As the British counter-attack at Arras fails to prevent the German advance through France, a small team of British survivors, led by the young and inexperienced Tank Commander LIEUTENANT CHARLES DRAKER, head for Dunkirk.

Although completely surrounded by thousands of German Troops, the team scurry north, eluding the enemy and taking refuge wherever they can. During a night in a deserted French Farmhouse, the team each begin to experience a series of nightmares and ghostly visions.

As they continue their bid to reach Dunkirk, their visions become less random and specific. The team start to believe that they are seeing the dead, those killed in the war.

Desperate, and anxious to make it to the coast and hopeful of transport back to England, the team continue to fight off their German attackers.

En route, the group are reunited with a Brigade of British troops, who too are evacuating to Dunkirk. Whilst making their way by road, their convoy is attacked by a fleet of German Messerschmitt aircraft. Many British are killed and the team break ranks and move off alone, only, again, to be plagued by ghostly images of those recently killed.

They eventually reach the town of Bergues, where they join Britain’s last line of defence to hold back the German advance whilst the last of the British Expeditionary Force evacuate by sea.

The Germans soon overrun the town and the team themselves evacuate to Dunkirk.

As they reach the beach, they are surrounded by hundreds of ghosts. Finally they are met by deceased relatives, who to their surprise, reveal that the team, too, are indeed ghosts themselves and were killed during the counter-attack at the town of Arras.